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  • Nine’s operations chief is on a ‘kubernetes’ high

    As head of infrastructure and operations at Nine Publishing, Rob Hill said he’s right in the action of keeping some of Australia’s biggest websites up and running - SMH, AFR, and TheAge - to name a few.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien26 Feb. 19 12:54
  • 'Power event' at AWS knocks out websites and services

    A ‘power event’ at Amazon Web Services’ data centre in Sydney on Sunday night was to blame for hundreds of disgruntled end users unable to access websites and apps.

    Written by George Nott06 June 16 11:30
  • Ex-Foxtel IT chief becomes Fairfax CIO

    Fairfax has announced it has a new IT chief coming on board this month – Foxtel’s ex-CIO, Robyn Elliott.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett09 March 15 10:25
  • Changing culture key to achieving digital agility

    The cultural aspect to achieving digital agility should not be underestimated, and IT and marketing teams need to work together to convince their boards that moving to agile development processes will positively impact their businesses.

    Written by Byron Connolly03 March 15 07:15
  • Google Apps seen as critical for Fairfax cost cutting

    Fairfax Media plans to let its Microsoft Office licence wither away while the company makes Google Apps its primary productivity suite, according to Fairfax Media CIO Andrew Lam-Po-Tang.

    Written by Adam Bender07 May 14 13:29
  • An insider's guide to change management

    Change management is one of the key skills CIOs need if they’re to help their organisation embrace new ways of working. Divina Paredes speaks with several IT leaders who have headed transformation projects to find out more.

    Written by Divina Paredes17 April 14 10:32
  • BYOD 'a privilege, not a right': Fairfax

    Fairfax, Toyota and an Australian government agency described limited bring-your-own-device (BYOD) rollouts in a panel at the CeBIT Enterprise Mobility conference in Sydney.

    Written by Adam Bender30 May 13 13:05