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  • Facial recognition coming to Australian airports

    The federal government will spend $22.5 million over the next three years deploying facial recognition technology at Australia’s airports, eliminating the need for travelers to produce passports at gates.

    Written by Byron Connolly27 July 17 16:14
  • SAPOL invest $780k in facial recognition tech

    ​South Australia Police will soon be using facial recognition technology to catch criminals “quickly and expeditiously” following the award of a $780,000 contract to NEC.

    Written by George Nott01 Aug. 16 12:46
  • Zuckerberg sees 'better than human' AI in next 10 years

    Mark Zuckerberg expects artificial intelligence will progress to make computers better than humans at basic sensory perception within the next 10 years and Facebook will end up knowing a lot more about you.

    Written by Martyn Williams29 April 16 00:40