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  • Why you need to stop comparing Snap to Facebook

    Snap’s short life as a public company took a turn for the worse this week. While dramatic slides in value aren’t unprecedented for new publicly traded social firms, Snap does have some perception problems to address.

    Written by Matt Kapko13 May 17 06:03
  • Facebook nears 2 billion users, warns ad growth will slow

    Facebook outperformed financial projections for the eighth consecutive quarter and is closing in more than 2 billion monthly users. However, the company says expect ad growth to slow.

    Written by Matt Kapko06 May 17 00:21
  • Facebook's text understanding AI is coming to a phone near you

    Developers have a new tool to help mobile apps understand text, thanks to a Facebook open source project update on Tuesday. The social networking company’s AI research group released a new version of FastText, a programming library that’s designed to make it easier for developers to deploy text-focused machine learning systems.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank03 May 17 10:23
  • Facebook aims to let people type from their brain, hear with skin

    Facebook revealed Wednesday that it is working on technology to let people type straight from their brains at 100 words per minute, besides disclosing another project directed at allowing people to hear with their skin.

    Written by John Ribeiro20 April 17 14:43
  • Facebook launches tool for capturing 360 video inside VR

    Facebook is giving VR developers the ability to embed 360-degree photo and video capture in their experiences with a new software development kit made available Wednesday.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank20 April 17 04:59
  • Can the enterprise save Facebook bots?

    Facebook’s bumpy introduction of bot capabilities inside its Messenger service may be saved by an unlikely candidate: business users.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank20 April 17 00:46
  • Facebook wants you to hang out with your friends in VR

    Facebook is making it possible to hang out with your friends in virtual reality using Spaces , a new app the company launched Tuesday for the Oculus Rift. The app will allow people to join a shared, immersive video call, represented by a personalized avatar.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank19 April 17 05:05
  • Facebook aims to crush Snapchat with augmented reality

    Facebook's efforts to embed camera functionality in all the apps it runs isn’t just a push to crush Snapchat. The company will be using those cameras as a way to create a developer platform for augmented reality, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed Tuesday.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank19 April 17 04:18

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