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  • uTorrent patches application against DLL vulnerability

    The developers of the uTorrent file-sharing application have released an updated version that fixes a problem that could allow an attacker to load malicious code onto a user's computer.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk30 Aug. 10 04:31
  • Adobe fixes 20 vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player

    Adobe Systems patched 20 security vulnerabilities in its Shockwave Player on Tuesday. Most of the flaws could allow an attacker to run their own code on an affected computer.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk26 Aug. 10 03:55
  • Repetition breaks Google Audio CAPTCHA

    Google has fixed a flaw in its Audio CAPTCHA software that could have given scammers a way to automatically set up phoney accounts with the company's services.

    Written by Robert McMillan04 Aug. 10 04:34
  • Microsoft warns of new IE bug; attacks under way

    Microsoft today warned of a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer that is already being exploited by hackers, the second such admission in the last two months.

    Written by Gregg Keizer10 March 10 06:27
  • New exploit technique nullifies major Windows defense

    The disclosure of a new exploit technique that bypasses an important Windows security feature may result in more successful attacks against Microsoft's newer operating systems, researchers said today.

    Written by Gregg Keizer04 March 10 06:23
  • IBM: Vulnerabilities fell in 2009, but other risks abound

    The number of software vulnerabilities fell overall in 2009, but the number of bugs in document readers and multimedia applications increased by 50 percent, according to IBM's annual X-Force Trend and Risk Report.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk26 Feb. 10 08:08
  • Twitter forces password reset to protect some accounts

    Twitter required some users to reset their passwords on Tuesday after discovering that their log-in information may have been harvested via security-compromised torrent Web sites, the company said.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez04 Feb. 10 05:48
  • Adobe warns of Reader, Acrobat attack in the wild

    Adobe is investigating new reports that hackers are attacking a previously unknown bug in the latest version of the company's Reader and Acrobat software.

    Written by Robert McMillan16 Dec. 09 06:46
  • Metasploit releases IE attack, but it's unreliable

    Developers of the open-source Metasploit penetration testing toolkit have released code that can compromise Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, but the software is not as reliable as first thought.

    Written by Robert McMillan27 Nov. 09 08:23
  • Attacks appear imminent as IE exploit is improved

    Hackers working on the open-source Metasploit project have spiffed up a zero-day attack on Microsoft's Internet Explorer, making it more reliable -- and more likely to be used by criminals.

    Written by Robert McMillan26 Nov. 09 08:36