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  • Griffith University eyes smart glass technology

    Students at Brisbane-based Griffith University's School of Pharmacy and Toxicology are using wearable augmented reality software - and donning smart glasses - to immerse themselves in modern-day workplace scenarios and get 'life-like' instruction.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien05 July 17 14:36
  • Top EU court says printers can be taxed to compensate rights holders

    Europe’s top court ruled Thursday that it is legal for countries to impose a levy on printer manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Kyocera and Xerox in order to compensate rights holders for unauthorised reproduction of their work.

    Written by Jennifer Baker27 June 13 13:39
  • Google Glass competitors vie for attention as industry grows

    Plenty of eyes may be focused on Google Glass as the device attracts attention in the field of "augmented reality," but a crop of other players developing their own glasses-like products are also hoping to stand out as the industry matures.

    Written by Zach Miners05 June 13 00:37
  • Apps for printing photos from Android phones

    With mobile phone cameras getting better and better, more people are using their smartphones as their primary cameras. Eventually, you'll want to print the cherished family photos that you've saved on your phone. Rather than dealing with MicroSD cards and USB cables to transfer your photos to a computer, wouldn't it be nice if you could print them directly from the phone?

    Written by Armando Rodriguez16 Nov. 10 02:17