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  • Federal govt goes shopping for new search service

    The Australian Government Information Management Service (AGIMO) is on the hunt for a supplier of a managed search service for the Government Search Service, which allows people to retrieve information from public-facing government websites.

    Written by Rodney Gedda02 May 11 11:58
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  • Five Advantages of Unified Information Access (UIA)

    The first wave of enterprise search helped companies tap into the world of text+, sometimes referred to as "unstructured" or "semi-structured" information. Primary drivers included the need to monetize digital content, reduce risk through compliance, or increase employee, customer and partner productivity. These early implementations provided significant value and solved important problems; they also demonstrated limitations that have lead to demand for the next generation -- Unified Information Access (UIA).

    Written by Sid Probstein09 Aug. 10 05:12

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  • Ransomware is Increasing the Risk and Impact to Organisations

    Cybercriminals constantly engage organisations in a game of leapfrog; system defenses improve so malware searches for new holes. Recently, ransomware, which has been around since 1989, has been gaining significant momentum. This malware relies on the increasingly simple economics of email attacks, anonymous payment methods, and the growing role of organised groups of criminals.