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  • VMware CTO: Adapt, enable choice, or die

    To some outsiders looking in, VMware has gone through quite a change recently by purchasing two companies, embracing OpenStack enabling multi-cloud support. CTO Steve Herrod says it's all part of the broader plan.

    Written by Brandon Butler05 Nov. 12 11:47
  • Meet Baxter, the huggable industrial robot

    MIT kicked off this year's EmTech conference Wednesday with a presentation in which Rodney Brooks, the founder, chairman and CTO of Rethink Robotics, welcomed attendees to an interactive hug from its safe manufacturing robot called Baxter.

    Written by Colin Neagle24 Oct. 12 19:55
  • Emtech 2011: Big Boy FiOS, videoconferencing everywhere and lots of fresh ideas

    Technology Review's annual <a href="">Emtech</a> event at MIT always bursts with fresh-faced innovators awkwardly touting their world-changing breakthroughs. However, the 2011 event held this week at the new MIT Media Lab also includes plenty of established companies, from Google and IBM to Verizon and Polycom, promoting lots of new ideas backed by their significant financial and human resources.

    Written by Bob Brown20 Oct. 11 03:25