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  • Key to BYOD isn't multiple devices, but single user experience

    According to recent reports, the average business traveler carries three mobile devices for work and 25% of IT decision makers believe desk phones will be replaced by mobile phones within two years. The data points to an increasingly mobile workforce, one that expects a single user experience for accessing unified communications (UC) applications and services across all their preferred devices -- whether it is an employer-issued smartphone or an employee's BYOD tablet device.

    Written by Joseph Harsch, director, unified communications and business solutions, BroadSoft19 Nov. 12 17:56
  • Employee-owned devices surging for US companies, survey shows

    Big companies, even those with demanding <a href="">security</a> needs, are nonetheless allowing employees to use personally owned <a href="">smartphones</a> and tablets for work, according to a new survey. And increasingly, it is employees and not the companies that are bearing the costs -- for the devices, and cellular data plans.

    Written by John Cox20 Dec. 11 09:28
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  • How BYOD Puts Everyone at Legal Risk

    If your BYOD policy goes too far you may be prosecuted for unfair labor practices. However, courts expect you to produce all relevant data in discovery proceedings. Meanwhile, your employees may fear retaliation if they don't sign draconian BYOD policies. talks to attorneys to better understand the legal side of BYOD.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige21 Nov. 13 17:25