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  • China's toxic e-waste capital is cleaning up its act

    If you want to see where your old electronics go to die, take a trip to Guiyu. For two decades, PCs, phones and other electronics have been shipped to this town on the southeast coast of China, where locals in thousands of small workshops pull them apart with buzz saws and pliers to extract the valuable components inside.

    Written by Michael Kan06 Sept. 14 04:21
  • A look inside China's most notorious e-waste town

    Guiyu is the town in China where your old electronics go to die. For years, it's been one of the main locations in the world where PCs, phone and other discarded products are shipped in to be pulled apart and recycled. The work is dirty and even hazardous, but lately Guiyu has been trying to clean up its act. Following is a slideshow to give you an idea what it's like.

    Written by Michael Kan06 Sept. 14 04:16
  • Apple offers free recycling of its products worldwide

    Apple is offering to recycle its products for free worldwide, and has included even third-party products like mobile phones and PCs in the program in some countries.

    Written by John Ribeiro22 April 14 16:23