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  • e-Pay Asia receives new $12m buyout bid

    The bidding war for electronic payment company e-Pay Asia (ASX:EPY) looks over, after Euronet Worldwide upped its offer to $12m

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling05 Sept. 11 17:53
  • iCash boasts more orders for Korean unit

    Electronic payment company iCash (ASX:ICP) has reported a substantial increase in the speed of orders for ATM deployments for international convenience store chain FamilyMart

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling29 Nov. 10 18:32
  • Mint Wireless signs partner deal in Europe

    Mobile payment firm Mint Wireless (ASX:MNW) has entered an agreement with IT Partners that represents its first distribution partnership in Europe

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling29 Nov. 10 18:27
  • iCash wins $63m Korean deal

    NeoICP, a unit of electronic payment company iCash (ASX:ICP) has won a $63m ATM supply deal in Korea with convenience store operator Lotte Group

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling17 Nov. 10 18:13
  • iCash denies Customers takeover offer

    Electronic payment company iCash (ASX:ICP) has denied it has received a takeover offer from Customers Limited (ASX:CUS) or any other company

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling08 Oct. 10 18:14