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  • ONC Stresses Flexible EHR Strategy

    The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is taking incremental steps to make life easier for healthcare providers struggling to meet the criteria for the meaningful use of electronic health record technology. It's welcome relief for overburdened organizations -- but is it enough to meet their demands for improved interoperability?

    Written by Brian Eastwood10 March 14 13:28
  • Why the EHR Market Is Poised for Disruption

    Simply put, 2014 is a big year for electronic health record vendors. They must adhere to stricter standards under the federal government's meaningful use program while convincing healthcare providers that they can meet future needs for information exchange, patient engagement and data analytics. Not everyone will make the cut.

    Written by Brian Eastwood10 Feb. 14 15:48
  • Cloud EHR Lessons Learned in Haiti

    Strip away preconceptions about why technology doesn't or shouldn't work and people are likely to embrace the change that tech brings. That's what electronic health record and practice management software vendor athenahealth learned when it helped a hospital in Haiti implement a cloud-based EHR system.

    Written by Brian Eastwood29 July 13 13:39
  • EHR Implementation Rising, But Hurdles for Healthcare Providers Remain

    Thanks to government incentives, more healthcare organizations in the United States are implementing Electronic Health Record systems than ever before. But EHR implementation isn't the same as EHR adoption, which requires significant investment in planning, training and personnel.

    Written by Brian Eastwood06 May 13 13:52
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  • Why Healthcare Providers Aren't Happy With EHR Systems

    The U.S. government is giving the healthcare industry billions of dollars in incentives to use electronic health records. Most organizations have EHR software in place, but as many as 35 percent wish they could switch systems. Are EHR vendors to blame, or are deeper forces at work?

    Written by Brian Eastwood01 July 13 13:22