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  • Google upgrades Web toolkit, Eclipse plug-in

    With upgrades to its GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and Google Plugin for Eclipse released on Tuesday, Google is backing more HTML5 functionality and enabling improved access to Google services for developers who use the Eclipse IDE.

    Written by Paul Krill04 May 11 08:05
  • Eclipse rekindles Java relationship

    After years of making accommodations for such  platforms as AJAX, the Eclipse Foundation will return to its Java roots this June

    Written by Paul Krill26 March 11 09:16
  • Google contributes GUI designer tool to Eclipse

    Google is announcing on Wednesday its donation of GUI designer technology to the Eclipse Foundation, a contribution that an Eclipse official said could lead to the emergence of mobile GUI builders and other capabilities.

    Written by Paul Krill16 Dec. 10 03:04
  • Oracle links ADF development technology to Eclipse

    Oracle plans to make its ADF (Application Development Framework) technology available to software developers who use the Eclipse IDE, thus providing them with productivity benefits, an Oracle official said on Wednesday.

    Written by Paul Krill23 Sept. 10 10:38
  • Home grown eMed app gets Web 2.0 refresh

    The University of NSW Faculty of Medicine has developed an in-house student management system, dubbed eMed, which has remained cost competitive with commercial software for seven years and is now being extended into the Web 2.0 paradigm.

    Written by Rodney Gedda16 March 10 09:43