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  • Legal issues in the Cloud - Part 4

    One of the remaining key issues Cloud users need to consider relates to the notion of being locked-in to certain applications or systems — and if a user wants to transfer data or applications from the Cloud, whether the data is portable between service providers. In these circumstances, a user will need to consider its requirements to access data some years into the future for a plethora of regulatory reasons.

    Written by Mark Vincent and Nick Hart11 April 11 06:00
  • Legal issues in the Cloud - Part 3

    Proper due diligence focuses on identifying the players in the Cloud relationship. That is, who is actually involved in providing the services and are they the same entity (or entities) that are processing or storing data? In the case of aggregators, for example, a Cloud user could be dealing with a single entity which itself is provided services by various third parties.

    Written by Mark Vincent and Nick Hart10 April 11 06:00