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  • 2017: The year that was

    No doubt, 2017 was a year of transformation and continual change in the CIO sector. From job changes and perpetual maneuvering to ongoing stories of innovation and digital transformation, technology chiefs are influencing rapid change across their organisations.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien20 Dec. 17 11:01
  • This drone could help inspect flooded infrastructure

    A drone on show at IFA in Berlin would need no authorization from the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority to play its part in relief efforts in Houston, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey.

    Written by Peter Sayer02 Sept. 17 23:14
  • Australian soldiers to get mini drones

    Defence is spending $101 million to equip soldiers with unmanned drone aircraft that are small enough to be carried in the field.

    Written by Byron Connolly01 June 17 16:45
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  • Top drone startups find venture capital flying their way

    With unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e., drones) here to stay, entrepreneurs are pouncing on the opportunity to safeguard people from having these flying machines drop in unexpectedly and venture capitalists are buying in.

    Written by Bob Brown21 April 16 23:53
  • Where are smart machines heading in 2015?

    Job losses will be on the cards for information workers next year, while more countries will trial driverless cars and drones for delivering goods, analysts predict.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett17 Dec. 14 15:52