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  • Fear and hacking on the bug bounty trail

    It could be a scene from almost any city start-up office on a Friday afternoon, except the workers here have been flown in from five continents, and will eat tonight at Sydney’s most expensive restaurants before wandering back to their beds at the five star Westin hotel over the road.

    Written by George Nott13 Nov. 18 10:57
  • NASA: Key antenna fails as Discovery enters orbit

    After a successful launch early this morning, NASA officials later discovered a snag when the space shuttle Discovery entered its orbit around the earth.

    Written by Sharon Machlis06 April 10 04:04
  • NASA space shuttle gearing up for big phase out

    While politicians banter about NASA’s budget and the future of manned space flight, the space agency is prepping the critical technology its remaining four space shuttle missions will deliver to complete the International Space Station.

    Written by Michael Cooney10 March 10 08:45