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  • Facebook launches Libra, industry takes note

    After much speculation, Facebook has officially revealed it will venture into the crypto and blockchain world, launching a cryptocurrency called Libra next year.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien19 June 19 12:41
  • ​Westpac joins Samsung Pay

    Westpac is offering the Samsung Pay mobile payments service to its debit and credit card customers, following an agreement between the organisations.

    Written by Byron Connolly11 April 17 10:31
  • Digital to shake up Australian market: IBM

    Broadband is a transformative utility forcing companies to digitise their businesses, according to IBM Australia and New Zealand managing director, Andrew Stevens.

    Written by Adam Bender05 March 13 16:02
  • Moshtix unimpressed by Google Wallet, NFC

    Moshtix has held off supporting Google Wallet for mobile ticketing due to Android OS fragmentation and lack of customer demand, according to Moshtix technology director Bartek Marnane.

    Written by Adam Bender12 Nov. 12 10:16