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  • Futuristic ‘tech savvy’ Royal Adelaide Hospital set to open doors

    From stainless steel high-tech robots that can talk to lifts, doors and portable phones and carry goods around the hospital to a pneumatic tube system that transports specimens to 74 stations, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital is promising to be a genuine ‘high tech hospital of the future.’

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien24 Aug. 17 14:31
  • Queensland Health's Dr Richard Ashby outlines vision, tech play

    Queensland's Health's CEO and CIO Dr Richard Ashby wasn't around in 2013 when a payroll system implementation disaster led to a Commission of Inquiry. But he has taken one lesson learned during this debacle to heart and he applies it to all current and future tech projects at the organisation.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 July 17 16:00