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  • Bitcoin drops below $7000

    Digital currency bitcoin fell more than 15 percent on Monday to a nearly three-month low amid a slew of concerns ranging from a global regulatory clampdown to a ban on using credit cards to buy bitcoin by British and U.S. banks.

    Written by Reuters06 Feb. 18 09:21
  • Interview: Daniel Alexiuc, The Living Room of Satoshi

    David Gee talks to The Living Room of Satoshi’s founder, Daniel Alexiuc, about the digital currency landscape, why regulators are having trouble with Bitcoin, and impediments to its uptake in the future.

    Written by David Gee09 April 15 13:10
  • Webjet Exclusives trials Bitcoin payments

    Webjet today began trialling Bitcoin payments for its 'Webjet Exclusives' arm, which offers deals the travel agency has directly negotiated with suppliers. Webjet is the first online travel agency in Australia to embrace the digital currency.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett04 Feb. 15 12:37