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  • Fire yourself as CIO to become a digital business leader

    If you want to become a digital business leader, you need to fire yourself from your CIO role by delegating day-to-day operations to a COO of the IT organisation and embrace your leadership role in digital business completely.

    Written by Graham Waller02 June 17 12:25
  • ​Keys to creating a better digital customer experience

    In a recent report, Forrester analyst Tim Sheedy said that IT chiefs who have not embraced the shift to digital business are now under threat from chief data officers or CTOs with digital and customer experience expertise.

    Written by CIO Staff15 March 17 12:16
  • ​Keep on exploring the digital frontiers

    Technologists are today’s explorers and inventors at heart. I think that’s why we never tire of adventuring into the unknown … into the wild digital frontier.

    Written by Jenny Beresford21 Oct. 16 10:13
  • ​IT spending continues to decline in 2016: Gartner

    Global IT spending is forecast to decline 0.5 per cent in 2016 with total costs expected to reach $3.49 trillion compared to 2015’s estimate of $3.51 trillion, according to Gartner.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner08 April 16 08:59
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  • Are you ready for the digital economy?

    A recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study estimated that, by 2016, the digital economy will contribute 5.5 per cent or $US4.2 trillion dollars to the economies of the G20 countries (from $US2.3 trillion in 2010). The digital economy contributed $US44bn (3.3 per cent of GDP) to the overall Australian economy in 2010 and is expected to grow to $US67bn by 2016.

    Written by Hemant Kogekar21 Nov. 12 09:53

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