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  • Google improves App Engine SDK

    Google on Thursday began offering an offering an upgrade to its Google App Engine SDK with features for improved performance, monitoring, and maintenance.

    Written by Paul Krill16 Oct. 10 02:31
  • Oracle links ADF development technology to Eclipse

    Oracle plans to make its ADF (Application Development Framework) technology available to software developers who use the Eclipse IDE, thus providing them with productivity benefits, an Oracle official said on Wednesday.

    Written by Paul Krill23 Sept. 10 10:38
  • Ruby on Rails 3.0 now available

    Ruby on Rails 3.0, an upgrade to the popular open source Web framework that features a merger with the Merb framework, was released Sunday, the founder of Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, said in a blog.

    Written by Paul Krill31 Aug. 10 02:22