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  • Java 7 support slated for JetBrains IDE

    JetBrains this spring will offer full support for Java 7 in an upgrade to the company's IntelliJ Idea IDE, according to the JetBrains IntelliJ Idea blog. IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 will support language features of Java 7 across the IDE with capabilities such as code completion, code inspections, and quickfixes.  

    Written by Paul Krill24 Feb. 11 03:46
  • Google releases full Android 3.0 SDK

    Google has made available the full SDK for the Android 3.0 mobile platform, featuring a UI redesigned for tablets and more connectivity options.

    Written by Paul Krill23 Feb. 11 13:01
  • Google advances Native Client Web browser technology

    Google on Friday began offering a revamped SDK for its Native Client open source technology for running Web applications that execute native code inside a browser.

    Written by Paul Krill19 Feb. 11 12:42
  • Novell Moonlight upgrade tracks Silverlight improvements

    The Novell-sponsored Mono Project on Tuesday will offer a beta version of Moonlight 4, an open source Linux implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight rich Internet application plug-in that tracks the most recent Microsoft release, Silverlight 4.

    Written by Paul Krill16 Feb. 11 01:02
  • Atlassian eyes agile teams with Bamboo tool upgrade

    Eying agile software development teams, Atlassian will release on Wednesday an upgrade to its Bamboo continuous integration server that adds continuous deployment functionality.

    Written by Paul Krill17 Feb. 11 01:11