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  • The state of cloud encryption: From fiction to actionable reality

    The risks of data privacy, residency, security and regulatory compliance remain significant barriers to cloud adoption for many enterprises. While encryption seems like an obvious solution, historically the technology produced usability issues for cloud applications. To complicate matters, putting encryption into the hands of cloud service providers still left the enterprise open to risks such as insider fraud, hacking and disclosure demands from law enforcement.

    Written by Debabrata Dash, Ph.D., chief scientist and architect, CipherCloud09 April 13 18:21
  • Combating security breaches with managed file transfer technology

    Last October a large company revealed that an employee mistakenly sent an email to an unauthorized recipient containing the names and Social Security numbers of former employees. Six months earlier, a larage Texas university accidentally exposed personal information about as many as 4,000 alumni in an electronic file accidentally attached to an email sent to one person who had requested a transcript. That's just the tip of the iceberg in insider-triggered security breaches.

    Written by Rohit Khanna, executive vice president of global strategy and corporate development, SEEBURGER AG12 Feb. 13 21:28
  • The 3 biggest threats to your cloud data

    Any horror movie fan can tell you the scariest threats are the ones you don't see coming, and the same is true when it comes to threats to cloud data. IT has decades of experience protecting on-premise resources. Virtually no one has even one decade of experience running major SaaS applications, so we should be prepared for some surprises.

    Written by Rob May, CEO, Backupify10 Dec. 12 17:03
  • Why risk management can succeed in IT

    Earlier this week Richard Stiennon published an article that questions the value of risk management in IT, and I would argue that, although risk management presents challenges to IT, best practice-driven approaches leveraging aspects of risk management are essential to good security.

    Written by Steve Schlarman, eGRC solutions architect, RSA22 Oct. 12 19:48
  • Protect iPad data without hobbling users

    Concerned about sensitive corporate data that lives on employees' iPads finding their way to places they shouldn't? Symantec says it has an answer to that risk, and it won't get in users' way. In early 2012, it plans to deliver an extension to its data loss prevention (DLP) product that enables DLP filtering from the iPad or, more precisely, from files, emails, and any other communication sent via HTTP and HTTPS from an iPad through the network.

    Written by Galen Gruman04 Oct. 11 21:47
  • Data loss prevention urged as security focus

    Data loss prevention remains a priority security concern for Australian companies, despite reported slowed growth in the area, according to some security experts.

    Written by Hamish Barwick06 April 11 11:22
  • No classified data on misplaced USB stick: Defence

    Australia’s data loss prevention and encryption vendors will no doubt be salivating at the Defence’s confirmation that a USB stick allegedly found by a radio announcer on a Qantas flight does indeed contain Defence information.

    Written by Tim Lohman14 March 11 09:56
  • Security overhaul on the cards at Centrelink

    A major upgrade of ICT security is on the cards at Centrelink, with the welfare agency planning to implement data loss prevention (DLP) and endpoint protection (EP) for a whopping 28,000 users and 42,000 workstations.

    Written by Tim Lohman12 July 10 17:12
  • Aussie developer claims cure for ‘Wikileaks syndrome’

    Confidential information released via Wikileaks has sent governments around the world into a spin and put businesses on high alert but one Sydney-based software developer claims to have a solution to the perennial problem of data leakage.

    Written by Rodney Gedda10 Dec. 10 16:19
  • Too many data-loss prevention tools become shelfware, says Gartner

    The good, the bad and the ugly of data-loss prevention tools and technologies got a solid once over from Gartner analyst Eric Ouellet, who spared no punches during his presentation on the topic during the first day of Gartner's Security and Risk Management Summit.

    Written by Ellen Messmer23 June 10 00:36
  • Enterprise rights management and keeping data in-house

    Several years ago, Flextronics was struggling with a thorny security issue: figuring out how to prevent sensitive and proprietary information from going astray once it was in the hands of authorized users.

    Written by Elisabeth Horwitt27 April 10 04:46
  • Websense debuts unified security architecture

    Websense Tuesday announced Triton, a unified security architecture, which merges its data-loss prevention and e-mail security products, keeping much of the security-as-a-service approach it already supports, but with a common management and reporting console.

    Written by Ellen Messmer10 Feb. 10 02:51
  • Sidekick data restoration still not underway

    By the time lost Sidekick data reappears, will anybody care? Of course, but the longer it takes Microsoft to restore data lost Oct. 5 in a massive server crash, the less the data is worth.

    Written by David Coursey20 Oct. 09 04:13
  • Ballmer: Sidekick outage 'not good'

    Las Vegas: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer characterized the recent Sidekick data loss episode as "not good," and said he believes all the data will be recovered, but added that Microsoft will have to be more forthcoming in explaining to enterprise customers why a similar situation won’t occur with Microsoft’s online services.

    Written by John Fontana20 Oct. 09 14:35