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  • The 4 leading causes of data security breakdowns

    A string of high-profile data breaches in 2012, from LinkedIn to Global Payments, have kept enterprise data security in the limelight. But most organizations still tend to be reactive and focus on firefighting when it comes to data security, rather than implementing a more effective long-term strategy. Let's examine the four most common pitfalls of this short-sighted approach.

    Written by Ashvin Kamaraju, VP product development and partner management, Vormetric24 Dec. 12 19:46
  • Building a fortress in the cloud for your critical data

    Businesses are in the crosshairs as military and spy organizations around the world step up their cyber-snooping techniques, and the shift to cloud is only exacerbating the risks. How can you be sure your cloud partner is capable of protecting your data from cyberattacks?

    Written by Jose Albino, director of operations and compliance, Hughes Cloud Services26 Nov. 12 17:54
  • Breach prevention is dead. Long live the 'secure breach'

    Every defense paradigm has a finite life span and the IT industry's breach prevention paradigm, which is based on perimeter technology designed to keep the bad guys out, is completely out of step with today's threat landscape. It's time to move on to a new era: the "secure breach" era.

    Written by Tsion Gonen, chief strategy officer, SafeNet29 Oct. 12 21:41
  • Ex-Anon: Good liars undermine information security

    Self-exiled, gun-loving ex-Anon, who goes by the name SparkyBlaze on Twitter, claims that skilled liars are the number one concern for information security.

    Written by Liam Tung31 Aug. 11 08:21
  • Encryption adoption driven by PCI, fear of cyberattacks

    A survey of more than 900 IT managers shows that adoption of encryption in their organizations is being driven by two main factors, anxiety about possible cyberattacks and the need to meet the payment-card industry (PCI) data security standards.

    Written by Ellen Messmer17 Nov. 10 03:19
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  • Rio Tinto spying case a wake up call to CIOs?

    The arrest of Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu in China on spying charges has brought home the need for CIOs to examine data security according to the CEO of security company PGP, Phil Dunkelberger.

    Written by Tim Lohman12 Aug. 09 11:28