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  • How to do data-driven marketing right

    Akamai, Monster and others found creative ways to put piles of corporate data to work for their marketing teams. Marketing pros for these companies share valuable lessons learned from their successes, along with tips and best practices for data-driven marketing.

    Written by James A. Martin06 April 16 22:00
  • CEOs force CIOs, CMOs into digital transformation bunker

    CIOs and CMOs who value their jobs are collaborating on digital transformations that require them to map out and connect customer interactions across every touchpoint. But this isn’t happening as much as it should.

    Written by Clint Boulton04 March 16 01:51
  • Now that AI has mastered 'Go', are all our jobs next?

    One by one, artificial intelligence has overcome the obstacles set before it. Is this all part of an inevitable trend leading to humanity's obsolescence -- or, at least, unemployment?

    Written by Katherine Noyes06 Feb. 16 06:54
  • GE talks marketing automation at CES

    No silver bullet exists to solve the online marketing industry's many ongoing challenges. Despite recent advancements in advertising technology, it will face new and different hurdles in the future, according to Andy Markowitz, general manager of GE's performance marketing labs, who spoke during a panel discussion at CES 2016.

    Written by Matt Kapko07 Jan. 16 18:27
  • Why is your new product failing? Just ask Watson Analytics

    IBM's Watson has been pushing ever further into the business world in recent months, and now it's helping online merchants analyse performance and make better merchandising decisions.

    Written by Katherine Noyes03 Dec. 15 22:37
  • Digital marketers look for behavioral triggers

    If you've spent time Google searching and window shopping online, say, on an outdoor retailer's website, dreaming about a $400 graphite fly fishing rod, maybe even putting the fly rod in a shopping cart to keep the fantasy going only to click away when reality bites, you might see the fly rod following you around the Interwebs, your Facebook feed or a banner ad.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige30 June 15 00:30
  • In pictures: How IT and marketing can deliver modern business agility roundtable

    CMO and CIO magazines in partnership with ADMA brought together marketing and IT leaders from an array of Australian organisations in Melbourne on 24 February to discuss what role the two sides have in improving digital agility. Here are pictorial highlights from the lunch, held at Vue Du Monde.

    Written by CMO staff13 March 15 09:15
  • Adobe adds geolocation targeting to Marketing Cloud

    Adobe Systems has added mobile features to its Marketing Cloud, allowing companies to better target smartphones with the help of geolocation and app analytics.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs07 Nov. 13 14:21