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  • EMC unveils real-time data replication over thousands of miles

    LAS VEGAS - EMC announced at its annual trade show today an upgrade to its data-caching appliance that allows storage arrays to replicate data between applications over distances greater than 2,000 miles.

    Written by Lucas Mearian11 May 11 09:20
  • EMC integrates Avamar backup software and Data Domain

    EMC today introduced the first major upgrade to its Avamar deduplication backup software, which integrates with the company's Data Domain appliances to give administrators a single view of their EMC backup environments.

    Written by Lucas Mearian19 April 11 04:28
  • HP completes $US2.35 billion 3Par merger

    HP has completed its $2.35 billion merger with 3Par, just weeks after thwarting rival Dell in a bidding war for the storage vendor, HP announced Monday. 

    Written by Jon Brodkin28 Sept. 10 04:10
  • EMC releases new midrange deduplication array

    EMC announced three new products, including a new midrange Data Domain deduplication appliance, a new disk archive system with deduplication for mainfames and a disk library series with arrays that scale from 8TB to 1.4PB.

    Written by Lucas Mearian27 July 10 04:18
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  • EMC extends deadline for its Data Domain bid

    EMC has extended from June 29 to July 10 the deadline on its US$1.8 billion offer to purchase all outstanding shares of storage backup vendor Data Domain, in an effort to entice Data Domain to abandon a deal with NetApp.

    Written by Grant Gross30 June 09 00:19