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  • New at Disney: It's a Data Center World After All

    Visitors to Disney's Epcot Center in Orlando can walk around the world, stopping at pavilions that aim to give them a taste of other countries. Now, Disney and IBM hope to give visitors a unique look at the information technology that delivers the modern world's everyday necessities as well.

    Written by Robert Lemos08 Feb. 10 03:08
  • Five Lessons from a Data Center's Crisis of Capacity

    When the data centre neared its failure point, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory embarked on a project to revamp facilities without breaking the budget. Consider these practical lessons from the edge of failure.

    Written by Robert Lemos16 Oct. 09 02:31
  • EMC heats up competition with data center big four

    EMC took square aim at the "big four" data center management software players-HP, IBM, CA and BMC- this week when it launched Ionix. The new Ionix business unit and brand name are designed to make more noise about what analysts call an under-appreciated set of broad capabilities in data-center management tools.

    Written by Kevin Fogarty10 July 09 02:29
  • How and why to create data destruction policies

    We are collecting data at ever-increasing rates as the costs of data storage go down. Why get rid of our beloved data when we can always buy more storage space? Some companies like Google love collecting and working with data, and these companies will rarely or never get rid of their data. But odds are your company is not like Google and does not need all of that old data. This column will focus on crafting an effective data destruction policy.

    Written by Mark Grossman and Tate Stickles24 June 09 05:10

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