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  • NextDC posts $1.67m net loss

    Melbourne-based data centre operator, NextDC (ASX:NXT) has reported a net loss of $1.67 million, which it expected due to the start-up nature of the business, according to a full-year results statement released to the ASX.

    Written by Hamish Barwick30 Aug. 11 10:23
  • NextDC to add new Melbourne data hall

    Melbourne-based data centre provider, NextDC (ASX:NXT), has added another data hall to its tier three M1 facility construction plans to provide six mega watts of additional IT load for customers upon completion in November this year.

    Written by Hamish Barwick27 July 11 11:45
  • How to bring outsourced services back in-house

    When CVS signed a multi-year infrastructure outsourcing deal with Perot Systems in 2004, then-CIO Karl Taylor said the relationship would serve the pharmaceutical giant's IT needs more cheaply and efficiently than keeping the work in-house.

    Written by Stephanie Overby29 April 11 08:40
Features about data centers
  • 5 Data Center Gaffes in Popular Hollywood Movies

    Hollywood isn't afraid to bend the truth to tell a tale. The data centers depicted in five popular movies prove this point -- as do the ways characters get into them and steal data from them.

    Written by John Brandon25 Feb. 14 14:43