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  • Global cyber war treaties urgently needed: Bruce Schneier

    Rules of engagement between different countries should be established before a major Web-based attack takes place according to BT Group’s US chief security technology officer, Bruce Schneier.

    Written by Hamish Barwick08 Nov. 11 16:59
  • Iranians faced mass man-in-the-middle on August 28

    On 28 August Iranian citizens were subjected to a far reaching cyber snooping operation made possible by an attack on Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar.

    Written by Liam Tung06 Sept. 11 06:38
  • US declaration of cyberwar coming: FBI InfraGard president

    Countries will continue to press the envelope to determine how much damage can be inflicted before the United States declares a cyberwar according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) associate.

    Written by Hamish Barwick20 June 11 15:39
  • Interop: Cyberwar test runs yield information about defenses

    Cyber warfare strategy is getting so sophisticated that network attacks suitable for major assaults are being used instead as trial runs meant solely to probe enemies with the aim of figuring out what their defenses are, an audience at an Interop security talk was told.

    Written by Tim Greene14 May 11 02:45