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  • Dozens more government agencies accessing 'metadata'

    More than 100 federal, state and local government agencies are known to be accessing so-called telecommunications ‘metadata’ despite not being among the list of enforcement agencies included in the data retention legislation.

    Written by Rohan Pearce16 July 19 16:50
  • Government acknowledges Aussie businesses have taken hit from ‘encryption’ law

    The Department of Home Affairs has acknowledged that, according to advice it has received from industry, the way the so-called ‘encryption’ legislation is perceived has “had a material impact on the Australian market and the ability for Australian companies to compete globally”.

    Written by Rohan Pearce05 July 19 12:17
  • Auditor pushes Australia Post to improve security

    Over the last two years Australia Post has not undertaken detailed security risk assessments for two of its critical systems — its corporate data warehouse and eParcel applications — according to the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO).

    Written by Rohan Pearce04 July 19 17:09
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