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  • Universities launch ultra-high-speed broadband initiative

    A group of 29 US universities has banded together in an effort to accelerate ultra-high-speed broadband deployment to their campuses and surrounding communities, organiSers announced on Wednesday.

    Written by Grant Gross28 July 11 07:04
  • EBay claims win in 2008 Craigslist suit

    A Delaware court has ruled in favor of eBay in its 2008 lawsuit against Jim Buckmaster and Craig Newmark, majority shareholders of Craigslist, eBay said Thursday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson10 Sept. 10 10:23
  • Craigslist to state attorneys: Censor this

    Probably the last thing Craig Newmark ever imagined was that the little email list he started back in 1995 would one day be at the center of a controversy over prostitution, the First Amendment, and the future of the InterWebs. But 15 years later, Craigslist is in the thick of a dispute over whether its ad service is aiding and abetting prostitution, or merely an exercise in free speech.

    Written by Robert X. Cringely09 Sept. 10 10:00