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  • Opinion: Dell has its work cut out for it

    Taking Dell private is a bold move, but won't ensure success. If you can't recognize opportunities and execute properly as a public company, buying yourself shelter from investors only takes you so far. The bigger challenge will be rejiggering the corporate culture and core processes to make more innovation possible.

    Written by John Dix11 Feb. 13 11:55
  • Four takeaways from Cisco's Q1

    Four things are clear from Cisco’s better-than-expected Q1 FY 2013 results:

    Written by Jim Duffy15 Nov. 12 01:50
  • Most memorable tech industry apologies of 2012: From Apple to Google to Microsoft

    Tech vendors have been as bombastic as ever promoting the magical and amazing things their latest smartphones, cloud computing wares and network gear can do. When things go wrong, they're naturally a little less visible, but plenty of companies have sucked it up and done the right thing this year (perhaps with a little legal prodding here and there) and publicly apologized for minor and major customers inconveniences.

    Written by Bob Brown08 Nov. 12 20:53
  • How to Avoid Getting Sued by a Former Employer

    If you are recruited to work for a business that competes with your current employer, you could find yourself slapped with a big fat lawsuit over intellectual property theft, even if you did nothing wrong. Here's how to prevent that nightmare.

    Written by Meridith Levinson26 Nov. 08 09:38
  • How to Prioritise IT Spending During a Recession

    Tips for IT cost-cutting--both big and small--including outsourcing, staffing, consolidation of data centers and storage and server virtualization.

    Written by Chris Howard24 Nov. 08 12:09
  • 7 Secrets for Surviving a Layoff in a Down Economy

    It's easy to view a layoff as an end-of-the-world situation, especially when the economy is bad. But a negative attitude will only hurt your chances of finding a new job. To help you mentally and emotionally, a career coach offers his seven tips for surviving a layoff and finding a new job

    Written by Meridith Levinson12 Nov. 08 10:00
  • Wal-Mart Aims To Go Green With Global Supply Chain Makeover

    Wal-Mart has demanded that its Chinese suppliers adhere to green, environmentally friendly and product safety standards. But experts say that ensuring compliance in the complicated, vast network of Asian suppliers will be nearly impossible.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum28 Oct. 08 14:18
  • Stupid QA tricks: Colossal testing oversights

    What do you get when you add the human propensity to screw stuff up to the building of large-scale IT systems? What the military calls the force-multiplier effect -- and the need for a cadre of top-notch QA engineers.

    Written by Andrew Brandt21 Oct. 08 10:59
  • Insuring Incentives

    "Companies that outperform their rivals are the ones which find the circumstances they want, and if they don't, strive to create them." Sitting in his sixth floor office, Ravishankar Subramanian, director IT and corporate services of the US$234 million ING Vysya Life Insurance, recalled the words of his superior at a previous organization. It made a lot more sense now.

    Written by Sneha Jha20 Oct. 08 13:40
  • Working With and Communicating to the Board of Directors

    The IT leaders who make up the CIO Executive Council are finding themselves more often called upon to address the boards of directors at their companies. For many this is an alien environment, full of high-powered, short-attention-span executives with little affinity for technology. CIOs want to learn how to be more effective in their communications with the board and improve their success in conveying the challenges, opportunities and successes in helping achieve business goals that their department offers. We turned to some of our more board-seasoned members for insights in wowing the board.

    Written by Carrie Mathews16 Oct. 08 13:00
  • Forging a Business Partner

    CIOs reshape their IT culture to create an organization capable of partnering strategically with the rest of the business

    Written by Carrie Mathews03 Oct. 08 14:11
  • Corporate security and the climate crisis

    US military strategists, CIA analysts, international agency officials and Nobel Prize winning economists concur with the consensus of the world's scientific community: the Climate Crisis is a planetary security issue, as well as a national security issue for each of the one hundred ninety two countries that belong to the United Nations. But the Climate Crisis is also, by extension, a corporate security issue, as well as, yes, a cyber security issue.

    Written by Richard Power03 Oct. 08 11:21
  • An Objective Method for Evaluating Project Managers' Performance

    Project managers are ultimately responsible for making sure projects are completed on time, on budget and with the features and functionality specified by the project's stakeholders. So one would presume that project managers' performance would be evaluated based on those same criteria. It sounds obvious, right?

    Written by Meridith Levinson30 Sept. 08 10:46
  • Provident Financial IT director on Climbing Obstacles

    Penny Jones didn't choose IT as a career -- it chose her. She stumbled upon her first IT job, working for retailer Littlewoods when she was 19, almost by accident. Having spent three years since leaving school in undemanding admin roles, she took the position in operations because it was better paid and looked like a promising opportunity.

    Written by Kim Thomas26 Sept. 08 13:53