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  • Intel overclocks new Core processors for speed boost

    Intel on Friday released new Core i5 and Core i7 desktop processors that can be overclocked, giving users the flexibility to ramp up the clock speed to boost application performance.

    Written by Agam Shah29 May 10 04:33
  • Intel Core i7 980x brings six-core power to desktops

    Intel unveiled its newest flagship processor for the desktop market, the Core i7 980x Extreme. The CPU pushes the envelope by including six physical cores, and hyperthreading technology to virtualize twelve cores--its almost like having twelve computers in one.

    Written by Tony Bradley12 March 10 07:15
  • Intel releases fastest laptop chips to date

    Intel on Wednesday released its fastest laptop processor to date, also setting the stage to release its next generation of chips for mainstream laptops.

    Written by Agam Shah24 Sept. 09 08:36