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  • ‘We failed because we didn’t take care of the people’

    In 2012 when she was an IT director at Cisco in San Jose, Atlassian’s chief information officer, Archana Rao, was part of a technology project that turned out to be a complete disaster.

    Written by Byron Connolly03 Oct. 19 15:42

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  • The journey to continuous everything

    There’s no question that Dev/Ops needs to automate deployments. The question is how? What’s the first step, what are the milestones, what are the pitfalls to avoid? This infographic shows best practice recommendations for automating deployments for continuous delivery. You’ll find: Gartner's, Ovum's and Forrester’s future predictions, how continuous delivery makes testing easier and more manageable and key benefits and best practices for implementing continuous delivery.