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  • HP expands client consulting services

    Hewlett-Packard has expanded its consulting services to help enterprises get a better handle on the range of new client devices and software that have recently been introduced to the market, the company announced Wednesday.

    Written by Joab Jackson15 April 10 06:01
  • EMC expands RSA consulting services

    EMC is expanding its security consulting services to help enterprises tackle the complexities of securing their data and complying with regulations in virtualized computing environments.

    Written by Stephen Lawson02 March 10 06:05
  • Consulting: How CIOs Know It's the Right Career Move

    Perhaps you've seen the writing on the wall that your layoff is imminent. Maybe you're tired of corporate life and want to ditch The Man and become your own boss. But if you are considering becoming a consultant, listen up: Some CIOs aren't cut out for the job.

    Written by Kim S. Nash01 May 09 10:46
  • New IBM services offer cloud setup, 'validation'

    IBM launched a new set of cloud computing consulting and implementation services on Monday, framing the move as something that could spark wider adoption of the model.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus25 Nov. 08 08:03
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  • IT Outsourcing Consultants: Same Great Advice, New Low Price

    The economic downturn has taken its toll on the IT services industry, and consequently, on the consultancies that swelled to support corporate outsourcing efforts in better days. Over the last two years, everyone--from the IT outsourcing arms of the biggest general business advisories (the KPMGs and Accentures, for instance) to the consulting divisions of IT service providers (the IBMs and HPs) to the leading outsourcing-specific consultancies (the TPIs and Alsbridges)--has been hit with layoffs, consolidation and upheaval.

    Written by Stephanie Overby01 March 10 05:23
  • Becoming an IT consultant: Do's, don'ts, disasters to avoid

    As companies continue to cut costs, consolidate staffs and eviscerate executive salaries, more and more senior-level IT professionals are eyeing corporate exits -- or being shown them against their will.

    Written by Julia King20 Feb. 09 09:36
  • Tough Times Yield New Role: Private Equity Partner

    In the good old days of private equity, firms would make an acquisition, take care of a few little things like management, market, product and brand, and sell the company at a profit. The credit crunch being what it is, however, most private equity firms are holding on to their properties longer than they had originally intended. Forced to drive out a whole new layer of costs, firms are spending more time evaluating and improving the IT infrastructure of their companies.

    Written by Martha Heller14 Jan. 09 06:57