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  • DNS reveals the top cyberthreats of 2012. And you guessed it ... no one is safe.

    Our team at Nominum recently looked at the biggest threats to fixed networks at the DNS layer. Why the DNS layer? Because it is ubiquitous -- every network runs on it -- and it is the best option for protecting critical infrastructure.

    Written by Craig Sprosts, vice president of platforms and applications at Nominum22 Feb. 13 23:13
  • Conficker still going strong, Akamai finds

    Russia and Brazil are now the top hotspots for global Internet attack traffic, Net giant Akamai has said in its latest threat report, placing most of the blame on the hardy Conficker worm.

    Written by John E. Dunn16 Jan. 10 02:01
  • Chinese ISP hosts 1 in 7 Conficker infections

    Security experts have known for months that some countries have had a harder time battling the Conficker worm than others. But thanks to data released Wednesday by Shadowserver, a volunteer-run organization, they now have a better idea of which Internet Service Providers have the biggest problem.

    Written by Robert McMillan17 Dec. 09 19:29
  • Pressure on Microsoft, as Windows attack now public

    Hackers have publicly released new attack code that exploits a critical bug in the Windows operating system, putting pressure on Microsoft to fix the flaw before it leads to a worm outbreak

    Written by Robert McMillan29 Sept. 09 05:49
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  • Kumo expected, Adobe patches with Microsoft

    The mystery surrounding why fraudsters shelled out big bucks for old Nokia phones was solved this week. The answer, of course, involves illegal activities. Another puzzle possibly close to being solved involves Microsoft's new search engine, which supposedly debuts next week. In security news, Adobe Systems took a patch practice from Microsoft and Conficker isn't dead yet.

    Written by Fred O'Connor23 May 09 05:41