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  • Can banks keep up with tech disruptors?

    Established banks should see disruptive technology companies as a major threat, members of the finance industry agreed this morning at an Australian Information Industry Association event in Sydney.

    Written by Adam Bender26 July 13 11:41
  • ACMA mulls 'coherent regulatory framework' for NFC

    The rise of near field communications (NFC) may require updated regulation, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in a report released today.

    Written by Adam Bender05 June 13 13:19
  • NFC benefits hazy for consumers: mHITs CEO

    Near field communications (NFC) for mobile payments lacks a clear advantage over traditional forms of payment, according the CEO of mHITs, an Australian SMS-based mobile payments service.

    Written by Adam Bender17 Jan. 13 13:20

Whitepapers about commerce

  • The Value of Social Data

    Social media provides a wealth of data that can tell you a lot about your brand and your consumers - providing you can effectively act upon that data. According to Digiday, "48% of digital marketing executives say they focus 'relentlessly' on building customer insights, yet few are executing those strategies in meaningful ways." This white paper offers a brief overview of how organizations can best use social data by implementing a framework to integrate social data with other enterprise and public or curated data. This framework provides a platform for uncovering new insights that can be fed into business intelligence and customer experience management systems in near real-time to help marketing, sales, service, and commerce teams accelerate decision-making and create long-term, profitable customer relationships.