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  • What CEOs expect from enterprise technology in 2013

    CEOs are responsible for directing high-level strategy and ensuring growth and long-term viability. For those who run publicly traded companies, exceeding shareholder and market expectations is always top of mind. That is why sustainability -- the capacity to ensure business success in the present while preserving the ability to do the same in the future -- will be a primary focus for CEOs in 2013.

    Written by Avi Saha, vice president of Web and database services, ADP16 Jan. 13 15:58
  • Cloud bridges, gateways and brokers for external cloud deployment

    Originally used as an inexpensive alternative to quickly deploy services outside the realm of IT, cloud computing is quickly becoming a de facto standard for new application resources. The challenge is how to manage those resources transparently. The cloud should be an extension of the internal data center, and cloud bridges, gateways and brokers are all components that IT should focus on for connecting to their external cloud deployment.

    Written by Lori MacVittie, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, F5 Networks30 Oct. 12 17:52
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  • CTO Says Cloud Services Earn Vote of International Election Monitoring Group

    The National Democratic Institute has workers in 65 countries -- not all of them friendly. To support its growing global mission, and to improve efficiency without buying more hardware, the nonpartisan nonprofit has spent the last four years migrating to the cloud.

    Written by John Moore02 May 14 04:24