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  • Banks push for tokenization standard to secure credit card payments

    A group representing 22 of the world's largest banks is pushing for broad adoption in the U.S. of payment card technology called tokenization, citing shortcomings in the planned migration to the Europay MasterCard Visa smartcard standard over the next two years.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan12 Feb. 14 20:09
  • US charges eight with multimillion-dollar cybercrime

    U.S. federal prosecutors charged eight people on Wednesday in connection with a multimillion-dollar fraud that siphoned money from hacked accounts at banks and financial institutions, laundered it and sent it overseas.

    Written by Martyn Williams12 June 13 22:51
  • Wells Fargo warns of ongoing DDOS attacks

    Wells Fargo warned on Tuesday that its website is being targeted again by a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk26 March 13 23:09
  • How to get started building a digital media strategy

    Too many companies take a reactionary approach to social media, pouring resources into the 'next big thing' that's already happened. It's better to develop a comprehensive digital media strategy that targets the right social platforms, customers and disruptions and addresses the necessity of remaining flexible and responding to criticism.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell06 Feb. 13 09:30
  • Hacktivist group suspends bank attacks

    A group claiming responsibility for a string of cyberattacks against several major U.S. banks over the past four months today said that it has suspended its campaign in response to YouTube's apparent removal of a controversial anti-Muslim video.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan30 Jan. 13 01:13
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  • Top 10 CRM Tricks Guaranteed to Lose Customers

    Best-practices articles are as dull to read as they are to write, columnist David Taber says. So here are 10 customer support system worst practices that are certain to derail customer satisfaction.

    Written by David Taber25 Oct. 12 12:51
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  • 13 IT security myths debunked

    They're security myths, oft-repeated and generally accepted notions about IT security that ... simply aren't true. As we did a year ago, we've asked security professionals to share their favorite "security myths" with us. Here are 13 of them.

    Written by Ellen Messmer15 Feb. 13 23:19
  • Citibank tests out payments using mobile phones

    Citibank is starting a large trial of the use of mobile phones to make credit card payments at retail outlets and other points-of-sale in Bangalore, which the company is branding as "Citi Tap and Pay".

    Written by John Ribeiro30 June 09 22:01