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  • ​What’s hot in enterprise IT? – Part 2

    In the second part of a series on the hottest areas in enterprise IT, David Gee discusses which big data and cloud technologies and tools you need to be aware of and where you should invest your efforts.

    Written by David Gee18 March 16 11:55
  • Traction Watch: Chef cooks up recipe for DevOps success

    Seattle-based Chef provides a DevOps automation model that turns infrastructure into code. Chef’s goal is to enable businesses of all types to stay competitive and agile by transitioning them into software-driven companies.

    Written by James A. Martin24 July 15 05:50
  • Chef serves up devops for the enterprise

    If every business is now a software business, as the saying goes, then many companies might benefit by automating their routines for creating and updating the software that keeps them in business.

    Written by Joab Jackson02 April 15 03:42
  • How RMS Put Its Catastrophe Modeling Software in the Cloud

    For much of its 25-year history, catastrophe modeling and risk management firm RMS delivered its software using an on-premises model. The company's modeling software is designed to help customers mitigate financial risk in advance of events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and even terrorist attacks.

    Written by J. D. Sartain28 Oct. 14 01:45