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  • How green is Amazon's cloud?

    Amazon Web Services has been under fire in recent weeks from a group of activist customers who are calling for the company to be more transparent in its usage of renewable energy.

    Written by Brandon Butler17 June 15 03:42
  • How Social Media Can Influence High-Stakes Business Decisions

    In a battle against Southwest Airlines this year for control of two gates at Dallas Love Field airport, Virgin America launched a social media blitz using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, plus an Internet petition to local government officials. The conflict started when the Department of Justice told American Airlines it had to give up its positions at Love Field before it could acquire US Airways. Southwest already controlled 16 of the airport's 20 gates, and Virgin wanted in.

    Written by Kim S. Nash29 Sept. 14 23:54
  • Android fans ask, 'For whom the KitKat tolls?'

    The news that KitKat may not be coming to a Nexus phone near you has made waves among device owners, prompting some to protest – and in one notable case, even petition.

    Written by Jon Gold06 Nov. 13 20:28