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News about CES 2013
  • Q&A: What the FCC's Wi-Fi expansion means for you

    Mobile devices like the iPhone 5 are embracing the 5 GHz band, and that trend will expand as 802.11ac radios become prevalent even on smartphones starting in 2013.

    Written by John Cox23 Jan. 13 16:07
  • CES 2013: IBM wants to connect your whole house to its Cloud

    A big theme at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the connected home. There are televisions connected to the Cloud; refrigerators connected to the Internet; heating, lighting and security systems connected to sensors and monitors. And IBM wants all of those devices to be connected to its Cloud.

    Written by Brandon Butler10 Jan. 13 22:06
Features about CES 2013
  • 7 CES announcements IT pros need to know about

    Despite its name, the annual Consumer Electronics Show isn't wholly consumer tech. These seven announcements--covering data analytics, collaboration, RAM and more--may impact the systems and devices your employees use in 2013.

    Written by John Brandon22 Jan. 13 14:39