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  • The perils of analysing unstructured data

    With more organisations looking beyond structured data to get a bigger picture or solve more pieces to the puzzle, harnessing unstructured data is becoming a top focus area in driving business value. However, nothing good is easy.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett08 May 14 14:33
  • DHS to roll out videoconferencing, instant transfer of documents

    The Department of Human Services is working on enabling customers to make video calls and instantly send physical documents to customer service consultants via the Express Plus mobile apps, CIO Gary Sterrenberg announced at the CeBIT conference in Sydney.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett08 May 14 11:39
  • How to present cyber security issues to the board

    CIOs and CSOs who need to present security issues to their board need to “leave acronyms at the door”, use PowerPoint presentations and tell stories, according to GPT Group CIO Greg Baster.

    Written by Hamish Barwick06 May 14 11:34