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  • IT Pros and BYOD Users See Support Much Differently

    When it comes to providing mobile support to BYOD employees, IT and end users have drastically different perspectives. More than half of tech pros recently surveyed would give themselves a grade of A or B. However, most users would give IT a C or worse. Why the disconnect?

    Written by Tom Kaneshige09 Sept. 13 22:50
  • Wall Street Beat: Tech sales strong in third quarter

    Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, a raft of third-quarter earnings reports this week from some of the biggest players in IT showed that while tech sales remain strong overall, there are some weak spots that are stirring concerns among market watchers.

    Written by Marc Ferranti22 Oct. 11 03:26
  • Easing the juggling act with client virtualization

    In IT's never-ending search for efficiency improvements, client virtualization and its subsets -- presentation, application and desktop virtualization -- must be considered.

    Written by Kathi Grumke, solutions manager, CDW05 Aug. 11 01:40