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News about carbon emissions
  • Working towards the green data centre

    With the amount of energy now required to power the world’s data centres, the consumption policies and strategies surrounding them are becoming rather critical to organisations hoping to achieve sustainability and remain competitive.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner04 May 15 15:39
  • Q&A: Jetstar CIO

    Stephen Tame talks to CIO Australia about outsourcing, desktop virtualization and dealing with IT carbon emissions.

    Written by Hamish Barwick29 Aug. 11 14:24
  • Opinion: CIOs should start planning their carbon emissions reports

    The introduction of the carbon tax has put additional pressure on companies to report their carbon emissions, requiring them to understand their position throughout the year – not just at year end. It’s time therefore for CIOs to start thinking about how they’re going to gather this information.

    Written by Rob Stummer26 July 11 16:47
  • Comment: Asset life cycle optimisation: a salient lesson

    The recent news that the Commonwealth Bank had written down its investment in Victoria's Hazelwood Power Station to only $1 million would certainly have shocked its owners, International Power, which paid $2.35 billion for the plant in 1996.

    Written by Morris Kaplan01 Nov. 10 16:20