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  • How one Aussie start-up is changing the beauty and wellness business

    Honee founder and CEO, Matt Jones, admits he knows way too much about the beauty industry. He chuckles when asked how and why he finds himself immersed in the beauty and wellness space - and the reason behind his mission to help digitise the industry.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien31 May 18 09:40
  • In pictures: Deploying cloud in regulated markets: What are you waiting for? Sydney CIO Roundtable

    Many organisations operating in highly regulated industries have been slow to move their core systems to the cloud because they believe vendors can’t provide the level of security and scalability they need. Nothing could be further from the truth and enterprises that are slow to move are quickly falling behind their more nimble competitors. It is understandable that organisations – which operate in market sectors like legal, healthcare and financial services – take extra precautions to make sure internal and external information is secure and consequently decide to keep infrastructure in-house. A group of tech chiefs gathered in Sydney at a CIO roundtable lunch - in partnership with Virtustream - to discuss the challenges and issues they face when moving core infrastructure to the cloud.​​​

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien24 April 18 16:32
  • IT chiefs need to consider ‘human cost’ of cloud migration journey

    The human cost of cloud migration - and the power to effectively communicate with key stakeholders - is getting overlooked as IT leaders are under intense pressure to lead business transformation and tasked with ‘people, process and technology’ decision-making.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien30 March 18 16:15
  • In pictures: How to sell your cloud migration strategy to your biggest critics: Melbourne CIO Breakfast Event

    CIO Australia, in partnership with Rackspace, hosted a breakfast event in Melbourne for tech chiefs to learn about the cloud migration journey. Certainly, the decision to move business workloads and applications to the cloud impacts all parts of the business and isn’t a decision isolated to the IT team. CIO presented some research findings - which revealed what more than 200 c-suite executives said they would have done differently in the cloud migration journey. Additionally, Rackspace A/NZ GM Angus Dorney touched on the human cost of the cloud, while Airtasker’s Paul Keen, and Specsavers’ Julian Mcall dished out lessons learned in a panel discussion.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 March 18 14:27
  • In pictures: Tech chiefs discuss 'technical debt' in the age of transformation - Sydney CIO Roundtable

    CIO Australia, in collaboration with Juniper and Insicon, hosted a gathering of tech leaders to discuss 'technical' debt' in the age of business transformation.​ Certainly, tech chiefs in every market sector are carrying ‘technical debt’ – the accumulated costs associated with delaying routine application maintenance, upgrading hardware infrastructure, and generally taking shortcuts to save time and money. Many are falling deeper into debt as they are asked to do more with the same the budget each year.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 March 18 11:33
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  • ACMA's Business Transformation Journey

    Trashing a truck-load of old equipment and physically cleaning up rooms may not be indicative of the average IT transformation project, but the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) took a ground-up approach to modernising its business processes.

    Written by Rodney Gedda01 April 10 13:51
  • SOA: Think Business Transformation, Not Code Reuse

    The worst CIO misunderstanding about service-oriented architecture (SOA) is thinking of it as only another technical initiative for software reuse. Although SOA's reuse potential is real and good, its business impact goes much further: In Forrester surveys, 38 percent of Global 2000 SOA users say they are using it for strategic business transformation. SOA's true source of power is in its business design models, not its technology - and this means that SOA provides a broad foundation for a much larger shift in business technology (BT) architecture that goes far beyond SOA itself. By correctly understanding SOA, CIOs can lead their organizations on a solid and well-managed path toward a strategic technology future and greater business value.

    Written by Randy Heffner23 Feb. 10 06:11

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  • 7 Step Guide to Effective Business Transformation

    In an increasingly complex business environment, the pace of change represents a threat as well as a lucrative opportunity. How can you secure and successfully act on the immediate transformational needs of your organisation? And how can you ensure that future transformations are equally smooth and repeatable? This guide provides you with 7 succinct, actionable steps that can be applied to any transformation scenario.