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  • NAB launches virtual banker for business

    National Australia Bank is piloting a ‘digital virtual banker’ for its business customers that will answer more than 200 questions which were previously handled by call centre staff.

    Written by Byron Connolly04 Sept. 17 10:27
  • The final countdown - 1 week left to nominate for the CIO50

    There’s one week left to nominate for the second annual CIO50 list, with the deadline to nominate August 31. Now is the time to tell us your story of transformation, innovation and leadership.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien23 Aug. 17 10:40
  • CIO50 nominations in full swing - still time to nominate

    There’s still time left to nominate for the second annual CIO50 list, with the deadline for nominations on August 17. Now is the time to tell CIO Australia your story of transformation, innovation and leadership.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien02 Aug. 17 11:52
  • State of the CIO 2017

    What areas of business and technology are your peers focusing on now and in the near future? How are CIOs and their teams being viewed by the rest of the business? Find out in this year’s State of the CIO study.

    Written by Byron Connolly15 July 17 06:00
  • Queensland Health's Dr Richard Ashby outlines vision, tech play

    Queensland's Health's CEO and CIO Dr Richard Ashby wasn't around in 2013 when a payroll system implementation disaster led to a Commission of Inquiry. But he has taken one lesson learned during this debacle to heart and he applies it to all current and future tech projects at the organisation.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 July 17 16:00
Features about business transformation
  • ACMA's Business Transformation Journey

    Trashing a truck-load of old equipment and physically cleaning up rooms may not be indicative of the average IT transformation project, but the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) took a ground-up approach to modernising its business processes.

    Written by Rodney Gedda01 April 10 13:51
  • SOA: Think Business Transformation, Not Code Reuse

    The worst CIO misunderstanding about service-oriented architecture (SOA) is thinking of it as only another technical initiative for software reuse. Although SOA's reuse potential is real and good, its business impact goes much further: In Forrester surveys, 38 percent of Global 2000 SOA users say they are using it for strategic business transformation. SOA's true source of power is in its business design models, not its technology - and this means that SOA provides a broad foundation for a much larger shift in business technology (BT) architecture that goes far beyond SOA itself. By correctly understanding SOA, CIOs can lead their organizations on a solid and well-managed path toward a strategic technology future and greater business value.

    Written by Randy Heffner23 Feb. 10 06:11

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  • 7 Step Guide to Effective Business Transformation

    In an increasingly complex business environment, the pace of change represents a threat as well as a lucrative opportunity. How can you secure and successfully act on the immediate transformational needs of your organisation? And how can you ensure that future transformations are equally smooth and repeatable? This guide provides you with 7 succinct, actionable steps that can be applied to any transformation scenario.

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