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  • CIOs Welcome New Framework

    CIOs have long struggled to measure and demonstrate the business value of IT investments. But there's a relatively new approach to making IT investment and operating decisions -- and then proving their value to shareholders -- called the IT Capability Maturity Framework.

    Written by Matt Hamblen25 May 10 05:12
Features about business IT alignment
  • Deliver a New Product or Service to the Business

    There's nothing like having to deliver a new product on a tight deadline for a customer that accounts for a quarter of your company's revenues to put your priorities in focus.

    Written by Stephanie Overby20 April 10 06:38
  • CIO says communication is key to buy-in

    To ensure harmony between IT and business management, Jeff Kubacki recommends communication, communication, and more communication.

    Written by Stephen Lawson15 April 10 06:41
  • Business Technology Management Challenges

    CIOs are reworking how they manage IT to address business technology (BT)--pervasive technology use accompanied by increased direct engagement of non-IT business leaders.

    Written by Bobby Cameron27 Jan. 10 06:21
  • GFC Dampens CIO IT Budget Optimism: Gartner

    The global financial crisis is beginning to negatively impact the optimism of CIOs across Australia and New Zealand, Gartner has found.

    Written by Tim Lohman19 May 09 12:08
  • Making Diversity Work at Ninemsn

    Dean Capobianco, director of operations at ninemsn, took on the challenge of bringing 17 different products into line with the company's overall gameplan, improving the alignment of messaging, content syndication and partner services along the way.

    Written by Gillian Samuel05 May 09 11:47