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  • Joomla patches critical remote execution bug

    The open-source project behind the widely used Joomla content management system has issued a patch for a vulnerability that is now being widely used by hackers.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk15 Dec. 15 02:00
  • Google fixes Calendar glitch

    Google has fixed a problem that prevented a significant number of users from logging into their Calendar accounts.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez10 June 10 07:07
  • Researcher reveals Safari zero-day bug

    Apple's Safari browser contains a critical, unpatched bug that attackers can use to infect Windows PCs with malicious code, researchers at US-CERT and other security firms said today.

    Written by Gregg Keizer11 May 10 06:22
  • Facebook Fixes Bug That Exposed Private Chats

    Another day, another Facebook security snafu. The popular social network has patched a major security bug that allowed users to snoop on their friends' private chats, and view their pending friend requests.

    Written by Jeff Bertolucci06 May 10 06:14
  • After attacks, Oracle patches Java bug

    One week after a critical bug was made public, Oracle has patched its Java virtual machine to fix an exploit that could be used to sneak malicious software onto a computer.

    Written by Robert McMillan16 April 10 07:49
  • Adobe working to fix security bug in Download Manager

    Adobe Systems is working to fix a glitch in software it uses to speed up downloads of its products that could give hackers a way to push malicious programs onto a victim's PC.

    Written by Robert McMillan22 Feb. 10 05:40
  • Problems hit new Oracle support site again

    Problems once again wracked Oracle's new My Oracle Support portal this week, with some users reporting difficulties accessing the site.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus08 Feb. 10 06:28
  • Microsoft promises patch for critical Web server bug

    Microsoft yesterday said it is working on a patch for a bug in its popular Web server software, but it's unlikely the company will field a fix fast enough to make next week's regular release, a security expert predicted.

    Written by Gregg Keizer03 Sept. 09 06:23
  • Symantec offers fix for buggy Norton patch

    Symantec has posted a software fix after hundreds of users reported problems with a buggy update of the company's flagship Norton AntiVirus software.

    Written by Robert McMillan26 Aug. 09 13:58
  • Windows 7 bug is no showstopper

    Microsoft released the RTM version of Windows 7 yesterday to the Microsoft technical community. The initial excitement quickly turned to sensational headlines about a "showstopper" or "critical" bug that may put a damper on the Windows 7 excitement and cause people and businesses to shun the new operating system as they did Windows Vista. Those headlines are the very definition of FUD (spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

    Written by Tony Bradley08 Aug. 09 03:25