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  • ​NSW govt in financial management system overhaul

    The NSW government on Wednesday said it will have a real time and more detailed overview of its $70 billion budget under an initiative to modernise its financial management systems.

    Written by Byron Connolly27 April 16 16:26
  • Budgeting: Garbage In, Garbage Out (Part I)

    Finance, while admired for accuracy and attention to detail, often fails in transforming those numbers into meaningful action and results. But there's hope.

    Written by Dallon Christensen22 May 11 20:42

Whitepapers about Budgeting

  • IT Economics Strategy Guide

    With the fast paced world of technology, organisations are looking for a more flexible finance model that allows them to leverage the latest in technology and keep up with competitive trends without having to continually blow IT budgets on lumpy assets with fast depreciating value. This whitepaper looks at: the trends that are spurring a change in the utilisation of IT and associated expenditure, how CIOs are meeting demands in a way that frees up cash for further investment; and tips to maximise ROI with financial models.

  • Stop Paying the Earth for Global Roaming