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  • Super-fast Wi-Fi coming to a public hotspot near you

    Wireless hotspots that can deliver hundreds of megabits per second in real-world bandwidth will become more common as operators increase their investments in Wi-Fi networks.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs11 May 15 23:53
  • At Austin airport, Wi-Fi predicts how long the security line will be

    The Internet can ease travel concerns in many ways, including flight-delay information, maps of road congestion, and ride-sharing apps. But a Wi-Fi network at the Austin, Texas, airport can now answer one of the great unknowns: How long will I have to wait in line at security?

    Written by Stephen Lawson23 Oct. 14 11:43
  • Wi-Fi roaming starts to take flight with Hotspot 2.0

    Smooth roaming from cell to Wi-Fi networks is finally seeing the light of day, with deployments at 21 U.S. airports and at two smaller sites in Europe debuting on Monday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson25 Feb. 14 02:34
  • AT&T looks to Wi-Fi for international roaming

    AT&T's addition of Boingo Wireless Wi-Fi hotspots to its international roaming coverage may point toward the future of mobile data across borders.

    Written by Stephen Lawson10 April 13 00:03