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  • Sony cranks up optical disc storage to 3.3TB

    Optical discs like Blu-ray are losing favor, but Sony and Panasonic don't seem to care. The companies have cranked up the storage capacity on optical media to a stunning 3.3TB.

    Written by Agam Shah19 April 16 04:42
  • Blu-ray continues to thrive, in spite of streaming threat

    Hard to believe that just five years ago at CES, the Blu-ray Disc specification first announced. And five years on, with one format war under our belt, and another scuffle brewing, Blu-ray is in fact doing very well.

    Written by Melissa J. Perenson08 Jan. 11 02:03
  • Hitachi-LG prototypes 1TB Blu-ray cartridge storage

    Hitachi-LG Data Storage has developed a prototype data storage device that can automatically back up unused data to Blu-ray Disc cartridges, each capable of holding one terabyte (1TB) of data.

    Written by Martyn Williams06 Oct. 10 11:55
  • Sony 6X Blu-ray writer USB drive may be too fast for PCs

    Sony will launch an external Blu-ray Disc rewritable drive this month that can burn BD-R discs that support 6X speed, but users hoping for fast transfers might encounter a bottleneck in the form of their computer.

    Written by Martyn Williams22 Sept. 10 19:42
  • Sony rolls out PS3 3D Blu-ray support, grief reporting

    Sony's long-promised 3D Blu-ray update for the PS3 rolls out today, sooner than originally expected, and all it'll cost you is the time it takes to apply a firmware update.

    Written by Matt Peckham22 Sept. 10 08:25